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Re: keyboard and irssi and X

On Sun, 22 May 2005 10:20:10 -0500, James Bunnell wrote:

> Hello, I am very new to OBSD. I installed it yesterday with some help 
> from some friends in IRC. I have installed BitchX and Irssi, as well as 
> Fluxbox and Firefox.
> First problem is in BX and Irssi, when one uses the  alt-1,2,3 keys to 
> change windows as you can in linux, it does not do it, instead it just 
> pastes a little number or the number itself, so in effect, I get the 
> impression that the setup on the keyboard is wrong.

It is Ctrl-Alt-Fn in OpenBSD to change 'windows'.
> Second problem, when i Xorg at the prompt to start X, I just get a grey 
> screen with a wild mouse pointer, I have checked my xorg.conf over and over.

I had this once with a netscroll-mouse.
Have you tried another type of mouse ?

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