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Re: DNS Configuration Problem

On Sat, May 21, 2005 at 07:02:46AM -0700, Michael wrote:
> I have recently installed OpenBSD 3.7 on my future
> router and I had the surpise to see that I am not able
> to properly config DNS (bind) on this box.
> I have generated "/etc/rndc.key" with the help of
> rndc-confgen.
> The file is successfully generated and I "cat" and see
> its content, it is nicely generated with no problem,
> but when I try to execute "/usr/sbin/named" I get tons
> of errors telling me that "/etc/rndc.key" doesn't
> really exist.
> This is when I check again, and yes, "/etc/rndc.key"
> is there but "/usr/sbin/named" again tells me that it
> is not there.

$ sudo cmp /etc/rndc.key /var/named/etc/rndc.key 

named is chroot(8)ed by default. Read /etc/rc for more info.

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