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Re: As the OpenBSD 3.7 was released, I've got some doubts about the OpenBSD releases! releases.

At 02:05 PM 5/20/2005 -0300, Joco Salvatti wrote:
All right, I've got it. I didn't want to mix different releases, I just wanted
to know why a OpenBSD 3.6 package didn't run under OpenBSD 3.7. I understand
that a module cannot be loaded due to structural kernel changes, but a package
is not so significant!! But I think excellent the way OpenBSD releases are
distributed. I just wanted to get some clarifications about it.

You might want to spend some time perusing the excellent online documentation.


Packages are built against the system version designated - e.g. 3.6 is built against 3.6 RELEASE, the same with 3.7. There IS a chance that packages will work against a different release, *IF* there are no structural, installation, or dependency changes, but in the normal world that chance is slim to none.

With so many variables involved, it's FAR simpler to stick with the versions as intended.