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Re: amd64 >4gb memory won't boot

On 5/19/05, Need Coffee <need_(_dot_)_coffee_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
> I've been searching but can't find anything concrete... amd64.html
> and the FAQ's amd64 section do not mention any problems, so I'm
> asking here.  (I found little bits here and there about this problem
> affecting a lot of freenixes but nothing tangible.  Apologies if I've
> missed something major...)
> Trying to boot a sun v40z with >4GB RAM fails with OpenBSD/amd64
> 3.6 and 3.7-current from yesterday.  i386 3.7-current works.
> (begin snippet from amd64 3.7-current from yesterday)
> >> OpenBSD/amd64 PXEBOOT 1.06
> booting tftp:bsd.rd: 1468848+300494+2137464+0+469256
> entry point at 0x1001e0 [7205c766, 34000004, 24448612, 68a0a304]
> skipping 3824615424 bytes of memory above 4GB
> panic: init_x86_64: can't find end of memory
> The operating system has halted.
> Please press any key to reboot.
> (end snippet)
> Removing all but 4GB of memory allows the system to boot without
> issue.
> So, the inevitable question:  is there any workaround or fix in
> development that I may test?  I would happily do so.  Should I
> sendbug(1) this?  My guess is that this is already well known to
> everyone except me...
> Thanks in advance.

This issue is known to the pertinent developers - I worked with them a few
few weeks ago on the issue.  My 4-way/16GB v40z was barking the same way.

We were able to exclude the extra memory using "machine memory" at the
boot prompt, but it became evident that more work with memory mapping on
large-memory devices is required.  The network and SCSI/RAID drivers could
not be mapped even after we were able to boot bsd.rd.

We'll discuss the issue (and others) in the next 9 or 10 days over a lot
of beer at the hackathon.


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