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Re: ssh

Why don't you deny root login within ssh, login as a regular user and su ?
Seems pretty simple with no mess ;) You can use the venerable sudo as well
if you'd like..painlessly. I agree with your theory on using shared
accounts...it's bad juju's.
Allie D.
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Roy Morris said:
> Bob Beck wrote:
>>>>What part of the words "Do *NOT* login as root" have you failed to
>>	this is crap. logging in as root is not a sin. we recently
>>removed this poopoo advice from OpenBSD anyway. See my rant about
>>this in the archives.
>>	-Bob
> You would think from an audit point of view,
> logging in using a a shared account like root would be
> not all that smart. Well is may be poopoo advice, it
> remains good practice to not use shared accounts.
> /myshit

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