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Re: well that does it

Theo de Raadt wrote:
on the topic, after reyk's talk andphk bullshitting, greg lehey let us know that "phk is not speaking for freebsd".

At the presentation.

In the crowd.

So who is speaking for FreeBSD?

Is it phk and all the freebsd developers sending me hate mail for
exposing this?

Like Scott Long?  No wonder.

Is it all the paid freebsd developers?

I think you did the right thing by going public with this - at least for all of us not attending BSDcan05. No sane or mature *BSD user/developer/whatever can or will condole that kind of misplaced (in any respect) outburst.
There's only one developer looking really stupid now and he's not from our community!

Yes it would be nice if Greg Lehey being who he is, would make a public that_was_not_FreeBSD_talking announcement. That would be the appropriate thing to do, but I think that even within the FreeBSD community the vast majority have nothing left for ridiculous statements like the one phk made - except for a few "small people" maybe.