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Re: Beefier alternative to soekris 4801 for openbsd router?

On Wed, 11 May 2005, Mark Uemura wrote:
> I'm now waiting on some ral mini-pci wireless cards that I've ordered
> via dlg_(_at_)__(_dot_)_  Once I pop these babies into my commell boxes, I'll be happier
> than a pig in a manure pile ;)  In fact, the only thing cooler than these
> boxes that I've been playing with lately is my little Zaurus :)

Yeah, I knew I forgot something when I was talking about the board, the
Mini-PCI socket.  I was planning on getting one of the ral boards also,
then drill a hole in the case to mount the antennae.

> For what it's worth, I'm sending one of these commell boxes to the 
> Hackathon.  So for those lucky enough to attend, you'll have an 
> opportunity to see it, if not play with it first hand. 

that's great.

> > consoles.'.  We have a proposal to create a 64 node cluster 
> I'm jealous :)

aih, it's only a proposal.  VIA gave us a price quote of US$295ea for the
SMP board for qty. 70.

> > FWIW that's my US$.02
> Thanks for that.  Your input and experience is very much appreciated on
> this list.  I've learned quite a lot from you over the years just by 
> reading your posts.

hey, I'm just another SysAdmin, the real wizards are the OpenBSD


"Read the source Luke" - Obi Wan Theo and crew