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Re: Beefier alternative to soekris 4801 for openbsd router?

Stephen Marley:

> Does anyone have any experience with these under openbsd:
> http://www.storever.com/product/openbrick/openbrick-ng

> Basically, I am looking for something small, cheap and reliable
> (preferrably no fan, and possibility of running without HD) that is
> capable of routing 100Mb/s

> Any other recommendations?

> -- 
> stephen_(_at_)_cl-is_(_dot_)_com

I have just been quoted the following:

Via Eden 600MHz/256MB ITX-Case Front-USB, fanless
Mainboard Via Epia PD6000-E 4xUSB, 2xLAN 10/100Mbit
512MB Flashcard IDE
Two years bring-in warranty
370 Euro or about $ 476 excluding VAT

A 600 Mhz Via Processor should be able to saturate 3 100 Mbit ethernet

The main difference to the openbrick-ng is that processors called Eden
are certified to work without fan by Via. The processor in the
openbrick is a Via C3, which is not officially sanctioned to run
without a fan. At the same time, the folks from openbrick probably
have done their homework as far as cooling is concerned and I am also
sure that the case I have been offered looks rather dull in comparison
to theirs.



Joerg Lenneis

email: lenneis_(_at_)_wu-wien_(_dot_)_ac_(_dot_)_at