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Re: Good 4 port NIC

Siju George wrote:
> Hi all,
> Could someone please suggest me a good 4 port NIC ( I mean I will be
> able to use it in the same way as I use 4 NICs but it will only
> consume only 1 PCI slot) for OpenBSD 3.7??
> Not a Gigabit one please
> Sorry vetrans, I am a little behind in hardware part :-(  but sure I
> am catching up :-)
> And if somebody wants me to define what I mean by "good" then
> good = nice perfomance i.e one that will not give me the error the
> current NIC gives me
> " dc0: watchdog timeout "

Some (all?) of the best quad-port 10/100 NICs are based on Intel 21143
dc(4) chips.  There are some cheap dc(4) chips out there which work
poorly.  However, I'm not aware of anyone making a quad-port cheap-dc(4)
card -- the ones I have seen were all 21143-based.  That's not to say
someone didn't make one, but I'm not aware of one.

You didn't specify the card you have, or provide a dmesg of the machine
giving you this error...both would have been interesting.

IF you have a quad-21143-based card, stop looking for a new NIC, you
have the best available (unless someone made a stinker I'm not aware
of).  Look for your problem elsewhere.  I've used a number of those
21143 quad-cards, one machine (of all the ones I've used) didn't like
the card, and I *think* gave the same error you are getting.  I ended up
beating on some BIOS configuration settings, and was able to get the
card to work properly (this message comes to you via that card).  I've
also seen some very old machines which don't seem to like PCI-PCI
bridges on the PCI bus, in my experience, these were Pentium and before,
the Pentium MX machines I've tried work fine, though my line there is
very imprecise, I'm sure there are exceptions on both sides.  As I
recall, the symptoms I saw on these older machines was one port might
work well, others poorly or not at all.  IF I am right about this being
a PCI-PCI bridge issue on these old machines, it is likely you will have
the same problem on any quad-card.  It is probably cheaper to get an old
machine which DOES support the quad card you have than to get another
quad card which turns out to have a similar problem...