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Re: some questions about OpenBSDs future plans

On 2005 May 9, at 2:23 PM, Miod Vallat wrote:

> Even if the plan9
> compiler looks nice.

Forgive me if I'm out of the loop, but has the license changed since 
two years ago?


(That's just the start of the thread. Read at least the next couple 
responses; short version, it ain't free.)

Assuming that this license:


is what applies to the compiler, I'd have to answer my own question 
with, ``Not really.''

Is there *any* compiler other than TenDRA with a usable license? We've 
already heard about TenDRA's technical shortcomings in this thread. Is 
the only other option OpenCC? As much as I'd love to see such a 
thing...well, I know Theo's nuts enough to write his own compiler, but 

Not that I expect to see a GCC-free OpenBSD for a *long* time, of 



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