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Boot from USB stick - Summary

Dear All,

I received a lot of helpful replies, some of them offline, so I
thought it might be useful to summarize here for the sake of others
looking for this information:

- There used to be a bug that prevented booting from a USB stick. This
  is now fixed and booting should be possible, depending on wether the
  BIOS supports it or not.

- reyk_(_at_)_vantronix_(_dot_)_net sent me (and posted to the list, so I will not
  repeat it here) startup messages from 3.7-current that show the
  startup sequence booting from a USB stick and correctly mounting the
  root filesystem.

- I also received pointers to two companies/projects that sell ready
  made boxes of the type that I have in mind and who have a good track
  record for OpenBSD support: http://www.openbrick.org/ and

Many thanks to all who replied. As soon as I have received the boxes
(and after I get the OpenBSD 3.7 CDs) I can post how things went, if
there is interest here.


Joerg Lenneis

email: lenneis_(_at_)_wu-wien_(_dot_)_ac_(_dot_)_at