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my talks at fh wedel, decix technical meeting, and RIPE50

ok, I am late this time, but here comes my report from the previous 3 
events I have been at and talked.

First, I was invited to a local University to give my OpenBGPD talk, on 
April 13th. About 40 students and professors showed up, talk went very 
well and there were interesting discussions going on afterwards. Nice 
little event.

Just the next day, I drove to Hangover picking up Reyk and Maxim (from 
the CCC camp) to drive to Schloss Kransberg near Frankfurt to
a technical DECIX-meeting. DECIX is the biggest german internet 
exchange point in frankfurt. Somewhere near the highway we even found 
out how to get there, thanks to GPRS, as usual none of us was prepared, 
didn't even know where that castle was ("somewhere close to 
frankfurt" :) )
Once arrived (straight, lose track or such, increadible eh. And picked 
up Tim on the way) things were all good, we went for food with the few 
decix-people who have been there already and a few beers and pretty early 
to bed (well, they did, we had some more beer). The castle turned out to 
be really cool, with 2m thick walls and everything! Very cool.
The event itself was on Friday. My talk went very well, about 60 
people, mostly network people from decix-connected providers, were in 
attendance, feedback was very positive. Reyk, Maxim and Tim spoke on 
wireless security and got very positive feedback as well.
We stayed a night more after the party in the evening where a lot of 
good contacts were made and good discussions took place, and reyk & 
me even killed the emergency beer crate with the castle owners after 
everybody else was gone ;(
We left on Saturday after a half-day long breakfast with the pplz 
living in the castle. Their hospitality and friendliness was 

>From Monday (May 2nd) to Wednesday I have been at RIPE50 in Stockholm. 
RIPE is the Organization managing IP address space, AS numbers and such 
in Europe, as well as a lot of related activities. Unlike other RIRs 
RIPE is almosy completely community driven, and these meetings are 
where the policies are made, mostly.
I flew to Stockholm monday morning way before wakeup, and somewhen in 
the early afternoon I was even alive. art@ stopped by, and in the 
evening there was a meeting with local OpenBSD users, and hin@ was in 
attendance as well. It was a very nice and funny evening.
I spoke about OpenBGPD on Tuesday. Over 300 people attended, and things 
went again very well. There was a lot of interesting feedback that 
for sure helps in further development, and a lot of very postive 
comments, including people running bgpd already (they've all been 
happy, thus I have been happy too :)).
Since Wim made the impossible possible and got me a few 3.7 CDs just in 
time to the hotel there was early access to our newest shiny release 
for the attendants.
There was another party in the evening at somewhere (I forgot the 
name), but it was very cool - they basically filled a big house with 
scenes from Astrid Lindgren's (a famous child book author in Europe) 
books like the Pippi Langstrump ones. It was done in a very very cool 
fashion and made for a truly unique athmosphere.
I unfortunately had to fly out on Wednesday evening, I enjoyed staying 
there a lot. Let me express my thanks to Joao for inviting me and 
Camilla for organzing everything.

Now I just arrived in Montreal, but I'll report on that trip later :)

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