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Openbgpd routing for redundancy.

Alright, before I go to far, I'm going to present what I know, what I need, and what I've read so far. We had a recent scare at my company, we lost conectivity with our isp for about ten minutes because of a glitch. Due to the nature of our company, we have to have 100% uptime, and our SLA only guarantees us 99.999%. So, I'm currently talking with several companies to have another T1 brought in, and I'm planning on using OpenBGPD to provide fault tolerance. The only problem? I've never done anything like this before. I'm already comfortable with openbsd, as we've been using it on all of OUR routers (not the managed router from our T1 provider... but that's going to be going away if we do this) and we've been very happy with it due to the likes of carp and pf. I've read the bgpd, bgpd.conf, and bgpctl man pages, I've skimmed rfc 1771, I've read the slides presented by Henning Brauer to the Chaos Communication Congress, and I've been googling like mad. What I'm looking for is a thorough overview of implementing openbgpd in a situation like mine, good resources on bgp in particular (books, websites, anything anyone else has found useful), or just general tips that anyone would be willing to give me. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't spent a lot of time in the down deeps of routing, but I'm not against reading large technical manuals.

Any help would be hot, thank you everyone.

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