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Re: differences between 3.7 CDs and 3.7 release?

Tobias Walkowiak wrote:
> On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 08:02:46PM +0200, Otto Moerbeek wrote:
>> process is already done. What will appear on the ftp sites will be the 
>> same code base as the CD's.
> thanx for all the answers. but then, what is the reason to release the CD
> version three weeks later?

We'd love to see your plan for producing builds for all platforms (keep
in mind, several of our platforms take almost a week to build!),
packages for all platforms (you thought the build took a while, eh?),
mastering and pressing the CDs (you have 650M of data.  Fill it with the
BEST and MOST USEFUL packages for each platform on a CD, in an
internally consistant way (i.e., no missing dependancies)), sticking
them in cases, and shipping them out, all in a 24 hours after tagging
the tree.  Not Easy.

There's lots of other things that go into creating the release...  I
don't think you have thought out your question overly carefully. :)