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Bad144 DNW??

I need to add some bad sectors to an ide disk, to keep it alive for another day or so while we finish testing the replacment machine, .. but bad144 doesn't seem to work.


bad144 wd0 -a 977088
bad144 wd0 -a 977151


same bad sector problems (on those sectors).

Did I miss something on the man page?

Also, given:

bash# bad144 wd0
bad block information at sector 12672387 in /dev/rwd0c:
cartridge serial number: 0(10)


bad144 wd0 0

supposed to show the current table? It returns:

bash# bad144 wd0 0
bad144: reboot for changes to take effect
bad144: can't write label to enable bad sector handling: Invalid argument



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