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Re: [ DHCP ] must reboot to works.

Hi, let me think about this a bit but first, if you do 'sh /etc/netstart',
does that give you back your connectivity? I'm not 100% sure because like I
said I need to think about this some more, but if the connection between you
and the ISP is lost, the ISP may require you to re-register your computer
with their network/dhcp server. Let me know if netstart works and I'll think
about it some more.

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I don't know if it's OpenBSD related or not, but I will try:

Sometimes, my ISP (Videotron) seems to have some problems with their DHCPD
servers.  In fact, whey the problem arise, I lost the connection to the
internet.  So, I stopped my dhcpcd client, and restarted it.  After, when
I try to ping www.google.com, it's does'nt work, but I can ping the next
router, or gateway if you prefer (showed in netstat -nr.  If my IP is
x.x.x.234, the router is x.x.x.1 ).  I tried several time to have the
Internet by killing the dhcpcd client, without success.  In fact, I can
even ping others PC in the same local network of Videotron.

So, I rebooted the openbsd server, and now, I can ping www.google.com
(or other computer on the Internet).  The strange thing is that I have the
the _same_ ip adress and the _same_ router before the reboot.. It happened
three time, and I don't really know why I must reboot... Note that I use
modemcable with the modem Samsung.

So why the reboot is needed to obtain the 'real' connection to the

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