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Re: snapshot, how to upgrade

There are a few known issues. A full mirror of OpenBSD takes a lot of
room. Thus, snapshots do not hold any markers, like date or something.
So it's easy to get stuff that's out of synch. Being able to mirror
two snapshots in a row, instead of just one, would almost DOUBLE
the mirroring requirements, up to an unacceptable level.

This was a much worse problem in the past. Now, the ports system at least
has got version numbers tracking for the shared libraries in the base system.
So it's no longer feasible to install a package on a system where the
prerequisite shared library is not available...

So, any chance in source that involves bumping a shared library version
will slowly filter, first through a new X build, then through a new
ports build.

The ports tree has grown a lot, especially in the time it takes to compile,
thanks to juggernauths like java, haskell, mozilla (none of which was
building on OpenBSD just a few years back).  So there is about one snapshot
per-week for many architectures. A few are slightly faster, a few are a lot

We are near the beginning of a new release cycle, which is usually the time
when OpenBSD development moves fastest (new features appear, to get polished
over the coming months).

So, following current through binary snapshots can be a bit awkward at times,
because it takes time for changes in the base release to propagate through
X11 and ports, and if those changes involve shared library numbers, well,
the desynchronization is really responsible.
	Marc, responsible for at least two stdc++ bumps and one C bump 
	since 3.7, and preparing something like two or three other such bumps
	for the month ahead...

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