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Re: kern.securelevel=2 and savecore

At 07:50 AM 5/1/2005, J.D. Bronson wrote:
I have finished an install of obsd and wanted to finalize it
by setting the securelevel as high as I can.

I presume this value 'kern.securelevel=2' is in sysctl.conf
and when I put it in there - booting it does enter into

However, I see this on the boot up:

May  1 07:38:14 obsd named[8950]: running
May  1 07:38:29 obsd savecore: /dev/wd0b: Operation not permitted

Is this expected and normal or did I place the sysctl in the wrong place?

I found if I put this in /etc/rc.securelevel ...all is well.

Sorry about the posts.


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