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Re: httpd chroot + nullfs

On 2005 Mar 31, at 8:07 PM, Ted Unangst wrote:

> On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, Matthew Weigel wrote:
>> Have you thought about 'loopback' NFS mounts?
>> I can't say "yes, it will work" - but it seems like it's worth 
>> pursuing.
> world of pain.  nullfs tries to deal with files showing up in two
> places.  nfs doesn't even try.  a world of pain.

He *could* run NFS on another computer--the way it's supposed to be 
run. The users log into the NFS server and do everything there. The Web 
server mounts the appropriate directories over the network.

Considering the paranoia he's talking about, an extra piece of hardware 
should be a decent price to pay for being able to sleep at night.



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