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Re: Adaptec AAC raid support

G'day All,
This proposal is neither particularly novel, 
nor likely to get the documentation you need from
Adaptec any sooner. 

But I wonder if we're trying to solve the wrong 
problem here. This issue of closed source drivers 
crops up repeatedly, and same 'solution' seems to 
be attempted in each case - pressure the manufacturer
for technical docs so we can implement our own driver,
or if that fails fall back on reverse-engineering.

Perhaps we could put our heads together and come up
with a permanant solution. 

Call me naieve, but it seems to me that a bunch of
clever dedicated individuals, who collectively spend
enormous amounts of money on hardware ought to be able
to design and manufacture our own, open source, RAID
For goodness sake, we build operating systems! 
How hard can a RAID controller be? 

Please correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we just
talking about PCI(-X) and SCSI interfaces, some fast
RAM and a field-upgradable number cruncher (perhaps
an FPGA) implementing a fairly small number of
algorithms? I'm not an electronics engineer but this 
all seems doable, in principle. And far simpler than
building a graphics card (see above link).

The same principles that make Free and Open Source 
Software unbeatable could be applied here. And then
the Adaptecs of the world would simply be removed from
the equation. And our data lives happily ever after.  

Jason Drage

p.s.  Scott Long - "I smell a straw man burning"

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