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[otto@drijf.net: Re: A silent computer as a multi-purpose home server / ASUS Terminator C3]

----- Forwarded message from Otto Moerbeek <otto_(_at_)_drijf_(_dot_)_net> -----

> systems, which still have slower processors and graphics than Mac
> mini, it does seem that Mac mini would make a much better investment
> than the VIA platform...

I'm quite happy with my Mac mini running OpenBSD a workstation; it's very 
silent and has very low power requirements. But I would not recommend it 
as a server, it's hard disk is quite slow.

WHY support proprietary Steve Jobs inc?

The VIAs are FAR more inexpensive (unless you get into Nano), and from
the few that I have seen, OpenBSD runs just fine.

As for Steve Jobs -- throw him to the wolves.