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Re: How do I record a trace from the kernel debugger?

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 14:58:46 +1100, Damien Miller <djm_(_at_)_mindrot_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
> You might be able to retrieve it from a "boot crash" in ddb and a
> "dmesg -M /var/crash/bsd.0.core -N /var/crash/bsd.0"

By the way, is it possible to force the kernel to dump core and reboot
(boot crash / boot dump) automaticaly on panic ?

And is using the 'makeoptions DEBUG="-g"' considered as getting away
of supported GENERIC ? the options(4) manpage isn't clear in this
point: does this change the produced 'bsd' file or only produce a
'bsd.gdb' beside a normal 'bsd' file ?
Can we create the bsd.gdb file without touching kernel config file
(eg. is 'makeoption DEBUG="-g"' equivalent to pass CFLAGS=-g at
compile time ?).

Does this option work on hppa hardware ?