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Trouble with Apache & PHP

I have problem getting PHP to work. This is short summary of my configuration.

I've copied php.ini-recommended to php.ini, and installed couple of additional modules:

$ pkg_info | grep php
php4-core-4.3.8     server-side HTML-embedded scripting language
php4-domxml-4.3.8   manipulate XML via the DOM API in php4
php4-gd-4.3.8       image manipulation extensions for php4
php4-mcrypt-4.3.8   mcrypt encryption/decryption extensions for php4
php4-pear-4.3.8     base classes for common PHP tasks
php4-pgsql-4.3.8    pgsql database access extensions for php4
php4-xmlrpc-4.3.8   XML RPC functions for php4
php4-xslt-4.3.8     xslt transformation extensions for php4

For each module I did "/usr/local/sbin/phpxs -a module" to enable it.

The problem is, Apache doesn't want to start anymore. No error message of any kind on console or log files. Same thing is I attempt to start intrepreter directly (php). It simply exits, with no error message of any kind.

Any help appriciated.