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em (Intel Pro 1000MT) (was Re: em (Intel 1000GT) on 3.6)

> > 3.6 has a few issues with em.  Notably, it detects 82546GB as 82546EB,
> > and 3.6 doesn't seem to work with the pro/1000MT quad port.  These are
> > the only two "issues" I know of, because they are the only cards I use.
. . .
> > The 82546GB issue is fixed in -current.  I'm not sure about the quad
> > port problem, but it either works now or will work soon, as I mailed the
> > one quad port card I had to Theo a month or so ago so they could fiddle
> > with it.
> Regarding the quad port cards, this is not an issue with the em driver most
> likely but really an issue with the PCI layer. I'm pretty sure we're just not
> doing something right with the on-board IBM PCI-X to PCI-X bridge.

I haven't tried pushing large volumes of traffic through them (yet), but I use
Pro/1000MT Quad Port Server Adapter cards in several OpenBSD 3.6 systems,
detected as "Intel PRO/1000MT (82541EI)".  No errors, no instability.
All are PCI-Express cards in Dell PE650 and PE1750 systems, I do need to
go back and double check that they are in the correct PCI-X slot.

Card specs:
   Version: C14926-001
   Date: 10/05/2004

Kevin Kadow

(P.S. I would include a dmesg, but we're running a custom kernel, to
address an unrelated issue.)