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OpenBSD 3.6 snapshot installs ok but hangs upon reboot


 New to BSD here. Have been  able to snatch some time for installing OpenBSD
from snapshot (the stable one was hanging on install). It seemed to install
ok, getting the sets over from the ftp server at openbsd.org, but upon
reboot, the machine hangs on :

biomask ef6d netmask ef6d ttymask ffef
pctr: user-level cycle counter enabled

(on a white text on blue background on dark background)

Have waited for nearly 10 minutes now, but it does not show any console

Upon pressing <ctrl>+<alt>+<f6>, the screen goes blank, with a cursor
blinking on the top left corner. Pressing another fn in the combination above, 
brings back the text displayed earlier temporarily. Still hanging.

I did not enable the X server nor did I install any of the x* install sets.

The hardware in question is a Dell Poweredge Server SC420. 


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