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bridge changes traffic interface for pf, but not for tcpdump

Okay, here's the deal: when I bridge two interfaces, one of which has an IP address, traffic from nodes on one side to the other passes through pf just fine, all rules matching properly. Traffic TO the OpenBSD system itself hits pf rules for "in" on "le2," and "out" on "le0" regardless of which physical interface the traffic actually appears on.

Perhaps I'm the only person who has ever experienced this, or else, I'm the only one who has cared. I can't find anything by googling, and I've either stumped -- or, more likely, bored -- anyone listening.

Thus, it's time for me to hit the source code myself. I've checked out -stable. I'm ready to go, I just don't know where to start. With bridge0 down, traffic matches rules for the proper interfaces, with bridge0 up, pf sees it on the wrong interfaces...

Is if_bridge.c the right place to start?  Any other suggestions?

Much appreciated, JMF