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Shalom All:

Wonderful comments keep coming in from people reading "RUACH QADIM - Aramaic Origins of the New Testament" by Andrew gabriel Roth - http://www.tushiyah.org/rq.html.  You can read many of them on a new web site dedicated solely to this important work on Aramaic primacy - http://www.ruachqadim.com.  If you have not yet read this book, we encourage you to take advantage of the special free US shipping offer on the Tushiyah web site (low cost elsewhere).  It is a book which belongs in the library of every serious Biblical student or scholar.

Passover may be coming this year sooner than expected.  As most of you know, the Biblical method of setting the first month of the year centres on the barley crop in Israel being 'abib'.  The next Chodesh (new moon) will be visible on the night of the 11 March, and this is the limit of when abib barley has been found in Israel in the past.  So this year coming could possibly start a month earlier than the calculated Jewish calendar, making Passover later in March rather than April.

We are compiling a separate list of those who celebrate Passover and would like to be notified about the barley search in Israel, and other issues related to true Passover observance from a Messianic point of view.  If this is you, then DO NOT reply to this e-mail, rather, send a NEW e-mail by clicking this link: mailto:passover_(_at_)_tushiyah_(_dot_)_org

Finally, if you're considering having a Passover outreach or just looking for a fresh way to bring the traditions into focus, we just recently finished "haRabah Haggadah - The Great Story", a Messianic first-century Pasach Seder - http://www.tushiyah.org/hrh.html.  This is by far the best way to share the blessings of Passover and the story of redemption in Messiah Y'shua.  You can see the full text of the Seder at http://www.tushiyah.org/hRH.pdf - this is a low resolution file, but of course the printed versions are high resolution.  This new Seder uses the same order of service as would have been observed by Y'shua at the last supper, and has His words in Aramaic!

Since this is the first year for this Seder, we are not only offering free postage in the US but 7 copies for the price of 5, or 12 copies for the price of 10!  We are very excited about the potential this has for witnessing about the truths of Israel.

Blessings to all, b'Shem Y'shua HaMoshiach

-Tushiyah Press

If you are on our list in error, simply reply to this e-mail with 'offlist' in the subject line, and we will remove your address.