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Re: Installation hangs at rd0

On Monday 21 February 2005 20:18, Nick Holland wrote: 

> > How stable / secure are snapshots ?
>    http://obsd.nickh.org/o/faq/faq5.html#Flavors :
> "It is worth pointing out that the name "-stable" is not intended to
> imply that -current is unreliable. Rather, -current is changing and
> evolving, whereas the operation of -stable is not going to change, so
> you shouldn't have to relearn your system or change any configuration
> files. In fact, as our hope is to continually improve OpenBSD, you may
> well find the reliability of -current is greater than that of -stable."
> The goal is always to move OpenBSD in one direction: better.  More
> secure, more reliable are parts of "better".  Deviations from this path
> will be corrected as soon as they are found (unlike some other
> ..er..nevermind ;).  However, as far as security goes, it is really hard
> to beat a  machine that won't boot.  So, yes, if -current works for you,
> it will be less secure than the 3.6 release. For you. :)
> Nick.

Thanks for the pithy response :)

One question. Is it possible for me to upgrade to a future stable release of 
OpenBSD without having to reinstall the OS ?

Debian Linux allows that in a very convenient fashion, so I was wondering if 
OpenBSD had an equivalent for apt-get dist-upgrade (or even apt-get update, 
apt-get install ...).

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