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Re: Problem on 3.6: serial mouse: mouse at terminal or mouse in X you can't have both.

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 23:33:01 +0100 (CET), Stefan Kell <skba_(_dot_)_opbsd_(_at_)_gmx_(_dot_)_de> wrote:
> Hi,
> it won't work, see "man wsmoused", at the end:
> >> wsmoused will happily coexist with the X Window System, provided that the
> >> mouse device is supported by wsmouse(4).  Serial mice do not have a
> >> wsmouse(4) compatible driver, so wsmoused has to be killed before start-
> >> ing the X Window System.

This is the way it is in OpenBSD, and it seems unlikely to change, as
nowadays very few people use serial mice, and those that do, are less
likely to be running X, as serial mice are more common on older/slower
hardware, and nobody wants to put forth the effort to support this.

One possible solution would be to port NetBSD's moused(8), but I have
no idea how much effort that would entail (quite possibly a lot, since
NetBSD's mouse stuff is a different codebase I believe, and OpenBSD's
wsmoused was ported from FreeBSD's moused; on the other hand I could
be wrong here).  Anyway, under NetBSD, the wsmoused(8) daemon (which
is analogous to OpenBSD's wsmoused(8) ) does not support serial mice
at all; rather, there is a moused(8) daemon (note the difference) that
provides a wsmouse(4) interface to serial mice, allowing wsmoused to
then work with them, and presumably for X to use the wsmouse device as

Online man page for those of you without a NetBSD installation:

However I have not verified that this actually works under NetBSD --
i.e. you can use a serial mouse simultaneously with wsmoused and X,
because the default NetBSD kernel doesn't include console mouse
support, and I never got around to building a custom kernel.  This is
a possible solution you might investigate if you're that attached to
your serial mouse, but it may end up being too much trouble.


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