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Re: amd64 install hang

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005, Henning Brauer wrote:

> AMD unfortunately chose to be confusing with the Semprons... there are 
> two completely different beasts.
> One of the disabled things are the 64bit extensions. so your machine is 
> not an amd64, it is a plain i386.

Ah... yes.  *blush*

I'm still having problems with i386, but I suspect that my motherboard
(Asus K8V) just doesn't support such a slow(!) chip.  Now that I look, I
find that I can't drop the FSB speed down to what it apparently should be, 
so I think my problem actually is that the board is driving the CPU too 
hard and I'm getting the usual "weird" stuff happening as a result.  

Time to go get me a real Athlon64 chip...

Thanks for the sanity check.  Sorry to bother y'all.


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