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Re: Carp and /30 network

On Fri, Feb 18, 2005 at 07:47:37PM +0100, Carles Pina i Estany wrote:
> And I have not tested, I don't know if this is incompatible: is possible
> to use Carp and alias in the same interface?
> I have tested in a machine that the syntax in OpenBSD 3.6 is accepted (to use
> alias in a carp device) but I don't know if it works fine or we 
> will have some problem.

Aliases work fine on a carp i/f. I use them with pf binat to map
routeable address on the outside to servers on the inside lan. The
aliases effectively provide proxy arp.

I'm also using the carpdev feature with addressless physical interfaces.
It's working pretty well since the recent commits by Ryan McBride and
his carp team (problem with the default route is fixed), however, in my
limited testing, there are still some issues where arpresolve errors can
occur on failover which makes carp stop working. (I assume the devs know
of these issues because I can get them to show up merely by repeatedly
rebooting or pulling/inserting cables on the master device?). 

I should stress that carp on interfaces with addresses doesn't have
these problems, and carpdev is still work-in-progress.

Kind regards,
Stephen Marley

Network Systems Engineer, Datacentre Operations
Campbell Lee Internet Solutions <http://cl-is.com>