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Re: circumventing default route through loopback PLEASE?!?....

On Thu, Feb 17, 2005 at 08:31:00PM -0600, Jet Nul wrote:
> Please?...
> I just made a trip to the public library to try
> a remote web access (very manual loopback circumvention)
> to find out that, while my /var/www/users IS accessible
> as expected from localhost, it is NOT accessible from
> remote.  (However, the DocRoot Apache page IS accessible
> from remote.)
> I'm not asking for help with that -- I can figure it
> out myself; but it would be alot more convenient
> debugging if I didn't have to walk to the library
> every time I need to test remote access!
> So: Anyone: How do I turn off the loopback "short
> circuit"???!???.....
> If this is considered "trolling the list" well
> ignore me or flame me, I can respect that, but
> I mean well, I'm not just f#$%ing around.
> I won't attempt to post this again.
Hey calm down, your first message was just posted 20 hours ago.
This is not a paid help desk and BTW your first message was very unclear.
If I understand you correctly you would like to make an internal
connection look like a external one. This is not possible at least without
massiv hacking. Especially there are many easier ways to watch your local
page from a remote site.
Have a look at the w3c html validator (http://validator.w3.org/) or
web-sniffer.net (http://web-sniffer.net/) or probably try one of the
anonimizers at http://www.space.net.au/~thomas/quickbrowse.html

:wq Claudio