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Re: Recommendation of ADSL modem

I'd prefer to have the BSD box doing the connection and NAT/firewall
than use an ethernet to ADSL modem.

You're in the UK where we use PPPOA. It's much less hassle to get an external ethernet router to do the negotiation with the ISP and just leave it on 24/7 <...> but if you want to use OpenBSD to do all the fancy stuff, then the cheapest that can handle basic routing, bridging and non-nat configurations will do the job.

Seconded. By not using NAT on the router you miss out on many of the problems with cheap routers. I've generally had good luck with Speedtouch 5x0 routers, and conexant-based (but see <http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~theom/security/origo.html>), and should be trying Zyxel 660H soon (it's been recommended for poor lines, one area where the USB speedtouch is also meant to be good).

There is also a method documented on a page google found for me, however from what I understand, it's actually just bridging the ADSL to Ethernet and making use of unsupported PPPoE available on some exchanges, and not 'converting PPPoA to PPPoE' as the author believes: <http://adju.st/papers/openbsd-adsl-wlan-howto.html>

Eclipse are technically good too, but it's usually best to use their automated systems where possible, and preferably not have to deal with their accounts dept.

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