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circumventing default route through loopback

Hi All,

A small problem: I am trying to disable
default routing though my loopback device.

|| Ignore this block if in a hurry. :)
|| Why am I doing this? Because I am setting up
|| my Apache server and I want to be sure it
|| REALLY works.  I have no outside account I can
|| ssh into and lynx back from, and my friend on the
|| other side of town is really sick of me phoning
|| him asking "is it working yet?"
|| What I'm really doing is redirecting from
|| my ISP's web page (10 MB quota!) to my
|| own box; eventually I will set it up so
|| my dynamic IP will get updated on the
|| remote, redirecting web page.

I tried:

# route    change -interface localhost

where is my DHCP-assigned gateway IP.
This did change lo0 to rl0 (my NIC) in the routing tables,
but did not allow browser access.  (Access is fine
though lo0.)

Should I be using PF redirection?

Or is the a kernel variable I should set with sysctl?

I've been working on this for 4-5 hours, including
searching man pages, the OBSD FAQ and PF documentation,
and googling and MARC ... Can anyone suggest the
elegant solution? (Preferably only affecting web requests.)

|| Incidentally, I know my server is accessible -- this
|| isn't the problem.  At this point it really comes
|| down to simple frustration not being able to solve
|| this issue of circumventing the default route through
|| loopback!!


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