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I was curious what solutions are available for OpenBSD to allow it to act as a VPN endpoint for road warriors. Basically, I have an OpenBSD box acting as a firewall/router/dhcp server and would like it to act as a VPN endpoint for roaming users. The roaming users wouldn't be coming in from specific ips, in fact it could be from any public ip address so any configuration that revolved around allowing only specific hosts would like to be avoided.

Ideally, I'd like to use samba as the authentication mechanism backend, but this is not a requirement since most of the users will be fairly technical.

My incoming hosts will be a mixture of Windows XP/2000 and Linux clients, but knowledgeable users. Preferably this solution would be able to use a free client or use the ipsec/vpn capabilities built into MS windows.

Perhaps there is a howto online somewhere, but I was unable to find it after rather extensive googling. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Maxey
Information Systems Security Specialist - Masters of Tech
PGP ID: 0x0EA3D5A2

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