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Newbie question


I have a fully functional, well-configured OpenBSD machine that does exactly what I want it to do. I want to create a mirror of this machine that will reside elsewhere and be updated every few minutes via rsync. I realize that there wil be differences of course with ip addresses, names, and networking-related configuration, but I would like to simplify all the effort that went into making the first machine function.

Does anyone have any suggestions to accomplishing the system duplication tasks? Would a dd if=/dev/wd0 | nc 'destination.ip.address' type thing work? I just don't know enough about low level utilities in OpenBSD.

I've configured the hardware to be as identical as possible - same drives, same Ethernet adapters, same processor, same motherboard.

Ideas? The backup machine is to be an offsite "hot spare" to replace the first in the event of catastrophic failure.


Bill Strosberg