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DHCPD Question

I now have my Soekris 4-port ethernet card installed
in my 3.6 system. I want to set up sis0 as the internet
connection (replacing xl0) and sis[1-3] as local net 
connections with dhcpd-assigned addresses, so I am 
configuring both dhcp and dhcpd for sis[0-3]. 
Neither works completely yet, probably because my con-
figuration files  are not quite right. I have been using google,
but I have not found any statement answering the question

"What is the relationship between the internal ip address
assigned to  each of sis[1-3] in hostname.sis[1-3] and the 
subnets defined in dhcpd.conf?"

(I've requested a copy of _The DHCP Handbook_ via 
interlibrary loan, but it hasn't arrived yet)

Dave Feustel