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Re: pf's "set loginterface" peculiarities

* Paul de Weerd <weerd_(_at_)_weirdnet_(_dot_)_nl> [2005-02-14 20:10]:
> I wanted to enable collection of these counters on multiple interfaces
> but the BNF in pf.conf(5) says I can not. What I can do, however, is
> set the loginterface to one if (say lo0), then watch the statistics
> with pfctl -si, then set the loginterface to another if (say wi0) and
> watch the statistics for that interface the same way. This way I can
> get (with an ugly hack) statistics for multiple interfaces.

or just use
  pfctl -i dc0 -vvsI
  pfctl -i dc1 -vvsI
etc etc for each interface you want.
or get 'em all... (long)
  pfctl -vvsI

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