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Anticipating my first dive into OpenBSD

Hi gang

I took the plunge today and ordered the 3.6 set together with a couple of books ("Building Linux and OpenBSD Firewalls" and "Secure Architectures: With OpenBSD"), and I am hoping that the CDs and at least 1 book will arrive by tomorrow morning (that's Saturday a.m. my time) so I have the weekend to play!! :)
The plan is to see if I can get OpenBSD onto a 10 year old i386 with dubious parts (P1 + SIMMs era), which I want to set up as a firewall, and then to install it on a P3 box with about 8Gbs drive to be an Intranet server for a two machine + laptop LAN. One machine will be using Slackware, another will be Windows/Mandrake dual boot and the laptop is Slackware at present but that might change.
Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and share the excitement of anticipation with a crew who would understand what that's like.

Peace all



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