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Re: Virtual Openbsd on Openbsd

On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 14:57:13 +0000, Stuart Henderson
<stu_(_at_)_spacehopper_(_dot_)_org> wrote:
> On 2005/02/11 09:07:58, Roy Morris wrote:
> > Pineau Benjamin wrote:
> > >You may want to give a try to bochs (in ports collection). But it's damn
> > >slow.
> > >
> > >Another free emulator, qemu, provides impressive performances, and can
> > >run OpenBS, though can't be run on OpenBSD host last I checked. Maybe
> > >the solution would be to run qemu on Linux or FreeBSD and run OpenBSD
> > >inside ?
> >
> > That's unfortunate, my office desktop is Openbsd and I'd *really* like
> > to simply fire up a few move test stacks on my own box. Then again a few
> > years ago I thought Java would never be available, and bang! now it is.
> > I guess it's just a waiting game.
> It's not exactly what you're asking for, but might PXE-booting a bunch of
> Soekris boxes with something like flashboot be a viable alternative?
> PXE-booting, you wouldn't necessarily need flashcards, and looking at the
> output from the +12v rail on a random PC PSU, you shouldn't have a difficult
> job to power a dozen or so. You could probably find a reasonably attractive
> way of mounting them with fairly common PC parts - possibly involving the
> brass spacers normally used to attach motherboards to a PC case to stack
> them together then put the whole stack on it's side so the top half don't
> get cooked by the bottom half.

That's a cool suggestion but, damn, it's still a lot more work and
administration than running a bunch of VMs.