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Etherape 0.9.0 startup prob


Just wondering if any one has a solution to a problem with
etherape.... when you start the prog it fails on:

No nameservers defined

Resolv.conf is read in according to a ktrace but for some reason it
fails to find the two specified dns servers. I wrote a quick dirty
prog to test to see if res_init was broke and it doens;t appear to
be.... so has anyone got any ideas?

I also tested 0.9.1 but also chucks the same error. 

I could start etherape with no domain lookups, but i spend too much
time copy and pasting IP addresses into a terminal to find out who
they are.

Btw installed on 3.6 stable from the ports tree..... if you want the
full ktrace i can post it somewhere.... its about 8.5 Mb

Steve Jones