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Re: OpenBSD as SDSL router replacement?

On 11 Feb 2005, at 10:55, Dimitri Georganas wrote:

> http://www.buytelco.net/networkApplications.asp?ID=914 seems to give us
> a better overview.

Again I'm grateful for the extra knowledge/link.

I do however have the following quibbles with that page:

- To write, under ADSL: "a small portion of the downstream bandwidth 
can be devoted to voice, rather than data, so you can make phone calls 
without having to use another separate line" -- that, I believe, is 
curiously put and vague to the point of being inaccurate. The fact that 
the POTS/voice signals and the data signals are carried at different 
frequencies doesn't get mentioned at all.

- I have more confidence in the ITU description of SDSL Siegbert sent 
earlier. This one seems to fall short in comparison.

Thanks and regards,