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PF anchors

To the PF gurus,

Following on from a previous email which I think was too wordy for most people to bother reading... :)

I have 2 internet connections at home, and run some servers and desktop machines on my home network. What I want is failover from one line to the other, in the event of one line going down. I want to use pf as we have lots of interesting port forwarding to do. My plan is to have this in pf.conf:

load anchor if_defs from /etc/pf.conf.if-switch

nat on $ext_if_adsl  from $int_net to any -> ($ext_if_adsl)
nat on $ext_if_cable from $int_net to any -> ($ext_if_cable)

pass out all from $int_net_servers to any route-to $ext_if_adsl
pass out all from $int_net_dekstops to any route-to $ext_if_cable

.. outbound rules, etc...

Then in /etc/pf.conf.if-switch:


Which gets adjusted by another monitoring script in the event of either cable or ADSL lines going down to:




Is this going to work? Will these macros make it into the main ruleset and perform the failover I'm after?


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