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Laptop WLAN card works during install, but not afterward

I'm attempting to get OpenBSD 3.6 running on an old AMS Tech laptop via a
Microsoft MN-520 wireless NIC.  My problem is that the installer detects
and configures the card correctly (via DHCP), but the resulting system
doesn't seem to detect it.  After rebooting, I can insert the card and
watch as its LEDs flicker for an instant, but then nothing else happens;
the LEDs go dark and nothing in OpenBSD seems to indicate that I'd ever
inserted it.

I'm very much an OpenBSD newbie and have no idea where to look for further
information.  Linux typically requires that a card management daemon be
running to handle insert and remove events.  Does OpenBSD work this way,
too, is it handled by the kernel?  Any idea why the installer would happily
create a "wi0" interface but the production kernel wouldn't?

I'll be more than happy to go off and RTFM if someone could point me in the
right direction.
Kirk Strauser

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