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Re: ipsec-vpn: XPSP2 stopped working, was ok before

Alexandre Anriot wrote:
we are running a 50+ W2k/XP-client -> OpenBSD IPSEC VPN (X.509-certificates,
no PSK) without any troubles for more than a year now. Upgraded to 3.6,
some clients now using NAT-T UDPENCAP, works.

Just a hint.. Are your certificates still valid ? It's common to put
-350- days when generating certs with openssl, and don't understand why
the VPN doesn't work anymore... :)

Certificates are valid :-)

PS: The "changing something" fix to make the notebook work again was ....
the user reinstalled the WLAN driver! This is the Windows way to fix things,
super, it's so simple, why can't we just reinstall our servers and networks.

(Sorry, just reinstalled myself after sleepless night.)


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