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Help! Drive order changes!

OK. I have:

1. Read the FAQ
2. Read the boot man page.
3. Googled

I had a system running 3.6.

wd0 is the boot drive and is on the primary IDE on the motherboad.

wd1-wd4 are on a pci card, setup in a raid5.

This worked just fine, booting with hd0=wd0 and staying that way, adding the PCI IDE card on as wd1-wd4.

I switch to a new motherboad because the old one died.

Now the system boots to the boot> with hd0 being the BIOS 1st IDE drive. However as OBSD boots it reorders everything. For some reason, it switched wd0 (primary motherboad ide) down to wd4 and moves the PCI cards drives to be wd0-wd3.

I have tried the boot -a and giving the answer of wd4. I have changed the /etc/fstab to have wd4 vs. wd0.

Nothing works. Drops to a shell.

dmesg shows (I have not got a console working yet..sorry):

dkcsum: wd4 matched BIOS disk 80


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