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Re: Support for Atheros AR5212

Thus spake Stephan Tesch (stephan_(_at_)_tesch_(_dot_)_cx) [05/02/05 05:44]:
: I just bought a Netgear WG-511T, which I thought would be supported material 
: according to the ath(4) manpage. After searching the archives it seems there 
: is work in progress to support this card. 

As has been stated a few times, the man page lies.  Only AR5210 is
supported, I believe.  Perhaps someone should submit a PR to modify the man
page a bit.  (Note to self...)

: I tried the snapshot from Feb 1st, but unfortunately it's still not supported. 
: Does anyone know the status on this issue? I'd be happy to help testing the 
: drivers.

All I know is that it's being worked on.  There's quite a few people
patiently waiting for the code to be committed.

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