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Re: Atheros chipset support

On Sun, Feb 06, 2005 at 06:51:18PM -0600, J Moore wrote:
> Sorry if I've missed something in the archives, but I'm still confused 
> re the status of OpenBSD support for a miniPCI wifi card I bought for my 
> Soekris box. The card is:
> 5354 MP ARIES2 4G mini PCI Card; 802.11a/b/g miniPCI card 
> and according to the info on netgate's website:
> Atheros AR5004 4th generation chipset. AR5213 (MAC+BB) + AR5112 
> (2.4/5GHz radio) 
> I've seen postings suggesting that atheros support is available only in 
> -current, but I didn't see any of the chipsets listed above as being 
> supported. Bottom line: is this miniPCI card supported, which release, 
> and if "none" any guesses as to when (if ever)?
> Thanks,
> Jay

There is some atheros support in -current but only for the older chipsets,
a/b/g ones are not yet supported but may be in the hopefully not too
distant future.

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