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Attention Java gurus! Linux sucks, I want my OpenBSD!

Greetings all!

Our local animal shelter here has an OpenBSD firewall protecting their network (including a sorry NT4 server) from the internet and an OpenBSD driven backup system, using samba to duplicate the information on the NT4 server to a platform I can reliably back up. Yes, except for the hardware I had to buy to do the backups (a DVD burner), this is a donation from Open Vistas Networking.

Their current animal tracking software is PetWhere, an abandoned project that runs on Windows (and hence the NT4 server). Support (ha!) for PetWhere will really stop in March, so they are looking for a replacement.

If I had the time (I really don't), I'd write the whole thing from scratch using PostgreSQL as the backend, with PHP/apache as the front end. Right now they are evaluating a Windows package using M$ $QLServer that will do the job, possibly, but it is going to be at least $13,000 by the time they upgrade the NT4 to Server200x, get a licensed version of SQLServer (yuck!) and buy client licenses for all of the above.

Needless to say, this money could be better spent in at least 13,000 ways, but they really need a system that will work and get in place and on-line pretty quickly.

There is a ray of hope! There is a project on SourceForge called Animal Shelter Manager.


This seems perfect, but...it is awfully linux-centric, with installlers for Fedora Core/Mandrake, Debian and generic linux.

I don't want to see these folks throw away $13,000, so I took a computer and installed Debian linux to try to get this thing to run. Now, there's a waste of time! Wasn't there a thread not to long ago on misc@ about the beauty of apt-get? Now that I've had first hand experience with apt-get, and Debian in general, all I have to say is "get real".

The requirements for ASM are pretty straightforward:

	Java Virtual Machine
	ftp server

The recommended/required JVM is Kaffe 1.1.4 , but there doesn't seem to be a port for that (although 1.0.6 is available). The others are no brainers, although I'd love to use PostgreSQL instead, but I can live with MySQL.

So, java gurus, should I try to hack the kaffe-1.0.6 port to upgrade to 1.1.4? Is there a better JVM I can use? I know _nothing_ about Java, so be gentle ;-)

Thanks in advance,


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