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OBSD 3.5 Boot Hangs on Sony VAIO PCG-F290


I did an install from the 3.5 cd-rom onto a Sony VAIO PCG-F290.  The boot is 
fine until the filesystems are mounted.  The last line I see at the console 
is: "setting the tty flags" (just after mounting file systems).

I currently boot Yper Linux on /dev/hda1, dev/hda2 is a bootable a6=OpenBSD 
partition with /, swap, /usr, /home, and /var disklabels.  I double checked 
that there is no overlap and enough space. 

The install appeared to be fine.  I set lilo to dual boot Ypoer/OpenBSD and 
get the same behavior as by booting via cd-rom or floppy with "boot 
hd0a:/bsd". [Hangs at same point].

I note that /etc/rc has the "setting tty flags" just before invoking "ttyflags 

I can boot from a floppy, fsck and mount /, et cetera and things look good to 

/var is empty.

I have been running 3.5 on a HP machine, so I know the vanilla 3.5 cd-rom is 

Any hints on things to try/look for?

Thanks much in advance,